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TD Bank

Lead UX Architecture
Desktop, Mobile
Omni Channel Experience

Worked on the Experience of Omni Channel Architecture (OCA) to develop rich immersive platform independent applications (apps) that impact the retail channel. Examples of initiatives delivered to the branches include


Tablet concierge service


Enhancing the Online Account Opening, Mortgage, and other banking processes to be used by a tablet at a branch
building the IT MarketPlace; an internal central hub for purchasing IT services like Infrastructure, APIs, Apps and Data.

TD Bank Web and Mobile Design Language

Worked on the Experience and Visual design of TD Bank new look and feel for all customer-facing applications.

My Role

I was the UX Architect, reporting to VP of Enterprise Architecture, and working closely with Developer Leads in an agile environment. I lead the team of UX design, including UX and Visual Designers.


The following slides define the details of the project process and deliverables.

OMNI-Channel Architecture

TD's OMNI-Channel Architecture provides a framework to develop and execute Apps in a rapid and robust fashion. The OMNI-Channel Architecture is composed of several major components: an Experience that provides a run- time environment for Apps, which interact with TD applications and data using a consistent application programming interface, or API.


Apps are the core building block in the OMNI-Channel Architecture. Each App provides granular functionality which can operate on its own, or more typically, can be assembled together into a macro set of functionality also known as an App. Simply put, Apps are composed of other Apps which are ultimately rendered on a computing device (browser, iOS, or Android device) to provide a useful experience to TD customers as well as TD employees.


Experiences provide a consistent set of run-time capabilities required to execute Apps and allow Apps to interoperate. An Experience acts as a container on a device and hence is specific to that particular device. Currently the OMNI- Channel Architecture has available Experiences for a web browser, iOS devices, and Android devices.

8 Week Dev Process

We designed 8 weeks dev process for each week. For each app team including one PM, one UX designer, one experienced end user, one Dev lead, and 4 devs working together


Run test for each level and the design was iterated and update based on the test results and the feedbacks 

OCA UX Worksheet-8 Week Dev Process.png
UX Process
OCA UX Worksheet-UX PRocess.png
User Research

Designed a process for our user researchers to find the right users and interview and monitor the way that they work and observe the challenges and get feedback on current apps.


List users that will use this app. Examples:
Customer, Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Co-Applicant, Branch Manager

Design and Business Strategy Alignment

What customer problem are we trying to solve?

What does success look like?

What is the playing field and who are the players?

How do we know we are on the road to winning?

Which of Tim Hockey's 4Cs does your product map to?

OMNI-Channel Experience

For all internal Bank activities

After a few sessions of user research on branch employees and learning their workflow, we came up with a very simple design that increases their productivity and efficiency, and at the same time they can visualize and explain different scenarios to customers clearly.
On the other hand, the design and experience of Omni-Channel should be adaptable for developers to easily implement different applications for different purposes and give them the freedom and consistency to build their own app in Omni-Channel.

Legendary Lending Guide

To create a Legendary App or Experience, many tasks need to be performed. TD OMNI-Channel makes it easy to create the App, and TD's chosen open-source suite of utilities makes it easy to add useful functionality.

Legendary Lending Guide was one example of the major bank’s application that was built using OMNI-Channel.

IT Marketplace

IT Marketplace was used to keep all generic components that can be reused by developers to create more robust and unified applications. The marketplace was designed in a way that all components such as APIs, databases, server information, schemas, ... can be accessed and used easily. It also provided ability for developers to add their application into the marketplace so that other can reuse them later.

TD Bank Experience and Design Language

Another major project I led a team to redesign the UX and design language of all external bank interfaces for web and mobile applications. It was the early days of material design and we leveraged some concepts of that design philosophy. It was fully responsive and consistent multi-platform experience.

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