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My Story

I started as a little boy, cutting around letters in magazines and collaging them to posters. As a young boy, I found myself obsessing over films that made me think, imagine, and search for answers for human emotions and fell in love with stories.
Being shy and not very talkative, I pursued my passion for bringing my imaginations and curiosities into visual art. Although I studied engineering to satisfy my parents’ wish, I turned my designing passion into a career.
During my graphic design, photography, theatre direction, and fine arts creation years, what always intrigued me, was understanding and connecting with the human’s mind and emotions.
I have to admit; Apple products were what drove my attention to how design and technology together can create an amazing experience for users.
Being also a technology enthusiast, I looked into understanding more about user-focused design, and it didn’t take long before I made peace with this discovery and found a happy place in my brain.


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